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beathipsters's Journal

Beat Generation
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This community is for those of us that are interesting in the beat generation. It's pretty much a lifestyle community. You don't have to post only about literature. Although that is welcome. Post about beat writers as people, post about your traveling stories, fuck, advertise other LJ beat communities for all I care. Post pictures, websites, your writing, anything of interest.


1. Please try to make an introductory post. It's just nice to get to know who you are. Rather than your first post being about an essay you have to write or a poem you want feedback on. It's not needed, but it's the polite thing to do. Have manners.

2. Don't bitch. Don't bitch at me about how to run this community. Don't bitch at others if they don't like your opinions. Say no to bitching. Also, no racism/sexist/homophobic comments.

3. DON'T FLOOD THIS COMMUNITY WITH YOUR POETRY. I enjoy reading poetry. I enjoy writing poetry. I enjoy poetry readings. But that doesn't mean I want to see every single poem you write. Life is about balance, therefore balance the amount of poetry you decide to post. If you are looking for feedback on your poetry there are many actual poetry communities on LJ that could help you out.

4. Wait until your post is approved before leaving the community, if you must. It should be noted that your post must be approved before it goes up. That means that you can't just join the community, post something, and leave without your post first being approved. If I try to approve of a post made while you are no longer a member of the community there will be a client error. Remember, you can only post something on a community if you're a member.

5. Live Journal has made the "tags" feature for a reason. It would be useful if, when making a new entry, you could add a descriptive tag to it. If you don't I will, but it is just more work for me. Here is the list of available tags.

Beats are love.

More banners to promote the community can be found here.


- The Beat Museum
- The Beat Page
- City Lights Bookstore
- Common Ground Relief [New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina relief]
- Folk It Up
- The Gonzo Press
- Official Website of Jack Kerouac
- Russian Jack Kerouac website
- Literary Kicks
- Ralph Steadman
- Wikipedia
- Words Are Important