Katerina (humanornaments) wrote in beathipsters,

criticism much appreciated...it needs a exit, something to tie it up.

Delightful nauseating happiness, frusterated by uncertainty- miniature swerved road trips, jubilantly teasing Exhausted shins pulling away at your feat- calastrophobic cones, swirl filled ceilings and psychadellic dancers distracting your precious judgements. Emotional wrecked down waitresses, ignoring any request for "more"
Sweet souled micro adults, contemplating whats running through your mind. Tiny comfort filled toes, counting the numbers on each foot. Victory squared petals, angelic testosterone body - blessed dead battery conspiracies.
Newly found theories, experimentations, lacking the progessions of the body, but filled with curiosity. 
"DO IT" "DO IT" "DO IT" and the hyms are a-chanted, in sync and in paradoxes we speak of our speculated, agressive thoughts. Bonds, happy comparison bonding, fast pumping chemical beats splurging from your clown-fitted and borrowed penguin shoes, alive under the soles raging across the sand spotted ground. Tight fitted blue levis', fat-bellied bottoms sighing with the un-buttoned relief. surprised and satisfied soda filled cries.
Tags: writing techniques
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