IanTheHumanBein (ianthehumanbein) wrote in beathipsters,

Response to my friend Bryan after an encouraging Kick in the Ass

Thank you my good man. I get so easily sidetracked Bryan, and as my oldest, closest friend (and a writer yourself) I can always count on you to help me remember that which is truly important. This 'writer's block' excuse is getting a little old I suppose. I still think about a Mohave adventure from time to time, who says the journey starts there? Perhaps it's still a few pages away. I need to remember to appreciate all space time. I should look in the mirror and see a writer, not just a waiter in his late 20's who tells any table that inquires, my whole 'I'm too dumb' sob story. As well as appreciating all the opportunities, already set before me that I have been painstakingly ignoring in retrospect. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and I'm sick of this damn, damp, moss. No moss in the desert, right Bry?
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