IanTheHumanBein (ianthehumanbein) wrote in beathipsters,

Always on the Move

     I'm sitting here at the newspaper, waiting for coaches to call in the box scores to their games. While I'm waiting, I figured I would post a blog on here and let all of my fellow "beat hipsters" in on some startling revelations I've had today.
     Well, I don't know how startling they are, but revelations none the less.
     I was outside, smoking a cigarette about 45 minutes ago, when I realized something pretty significant. As I was standing in this frigid weather, puffing away, I thought about how nice it would be to be back down south again. In the warm air, with all my old friends. Then it occured to me. When I was actually living there, I couldn't wait to leave and move to Pittsburgh.
     There were plenty of times in Pittsburgh when I was ready to leave there too, but for the most part, I was content. It was another series of events that had me move from there.
     Now, as I was standing out there, in the freezing cold, I realized, I'm always trying to get out of whatever place that I'm in. When I move somewhere else, I start to miss the place that I was complaining about in the first place.
     I told this to a co-worker of mine afterwards, he told me, "Yeah, no one is ever happy. Life Stinks." Or something of that nature.
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