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Москва!! встречай объятия Одессы! 8) [30 Sep 2011|06:28am]



будет хорошо как в давно забытом Раю!)
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The Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac [05 Sep 2011|03:51am]


Total Icon Count: 25


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hi ya [02 Jun 2011|10:46pm]

new guy here.
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Response to my friend Bryan after an encouraging Kick in the Ass [23 Mar 2011|05:18pm]

Thank you my good man. I get so easily sidetracked Bryan, and as my oldest, closest friend (and a writer yourself) I can always count on you to help me remember that which is truly important. This 'writer's block' excuse is getting a little old I suppose. I still think about a Mohave adventure from time to time, who says the journey starts there? Perhaps it's still a few pages away. I need to remember to appreciate all space time. I should look in the mirror and see a writer, not just a waiter in his late 20's who tells any table that inquires, my whole 'I'm too dumb' sob story. As well as appreciating all the opportunities, already set before me that I have been painstakingly ignoring in retrospect. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and I'm sick of this damn, damp, moss. No moss in the desert, right Bry?
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[03 Dec 2010|04:12am]

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Newcomer... [26 Jul 2009|11:09am]

Hello all,

I have just joined this community and thought I should say hi.

I am a writer and a photographer, I also own Book Spew an online reviewing site for upcoming and established writers. I review zines, chapbooks, self-published books and blogs. If you are interested in being reviewed just leave me a message.

Add me as a friend too if you like, I always like making new friends.
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Theano's Day - everyone (male or female) invited to blog June 24 to celebrate a woman philosopher! [06 Apr 2009|12:06am]

Everyone (of all genders) is invited to participate in Theano's Day, an event to celebrate and rediscover women's contributions to philosophy throughout the centuries.

Blurb from the Pledge Bank signup site, which you may find here: http://www.pledgebank.com/theanosday

"I will blog to spotlight a woman, living or dead, who has made an important contribution to philosophy but only if 100 other people will do the same."

Also there's a Facebook group for Theano's Day to discuss the project with other participants: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526821601&ref=profile#/group.php?gid=74564828672&ref=mf

More information, from the website: http://www.pledgebank.com/theanosday

Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras' wife Theano was a scholar and intellectual in her own right. Along with helping him raise five children, she put together writings on mathematics, art, beauty, philosophy, and child raising. She is credited with developing the Golden Mean, a crucial idea in aesthetic theory.

By taking this pledge, you sign up to honor and celebrate important women such as Theano by promising to create a blog post on June 24th concerning a female philosopher. As with Ada Lovelace Day, spotlighting women's contributions to technology, the woman you select may be from any nation, culture, or time period, living or dead...and you may blog in any style or format, using any software in any language.

I selected Theano as a mascot as she represents a work/life balance, an apparently decent and loving wife and mother as well as a scholar and professional. Throughout history and on average women have worked very hard in the background keeping things going by raising children, cooking, maintaining households, helping to earn a living through day-jobs...all very respectable activities. And many have made contributions to philosophy or other fields which may have been overlooked because the women are primarily known for work they have done in their other roles. So Theano's Day celebrates the philosophical contributions of women and attempts to bring their ideas out in the open to help inform modern society.

Also - when we think of philosophers, I've found that most people keep going back to the same list of the greats...Kant, Hume, Plato, Aristotle, etc. Of course not to say there isn't great wisdom from the greats...but honestly right now the world is facing a whole set of problems. Right here in the U.S. we're at war with three different countries with no end in sight, we're going down in a global economic crisis, etc. So - maybe looking at new ideas from any source might help us stumble on some which may be useful. And encouraging people to look at female philosophers will bring out lesser-known people and lesser-known ideas.

You may define 'philosopher' as you choose - someone need not have specialized in the field to be discussed in a blog for Theano's Day. For example, a female novelist, businesswoman, teacher, politician, nun, homemaker may have created a philosophical outlook worth discussing that is apparent through the values that come out through her work in other fields.

Some women to start with if you need help thinking of someone: Hypatia of Alexandria (mathematician and scholar), St. Catherine (mystic and humanitarian), Sor Juana (Mexican nun and intellectual) and Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, each of whom developed a worldview and philosophy through their writings on various subjects.

We encourage as many people as possible from around the world to participate this June 24th and will set up a system to link the blogs so you may read each other's blogs. Please also pass on the word about Theano's Day!
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Edward R. Murrow would be flipping his lid [16 Jan 2009|02:24pm]


Earlier today I applied for a job that I found on journalismjobs.com.
It is for a newspaper out in Marysville, California, called the Appeal-Democrat. 40 miles north of Sacramento. The classified title really caught my eye, and I made sure that the editor, Len La Barth, knew it. My cover letter went as follows.

Len La Barth,


     While I was scrolling through job listings at journalismjobs.com, your classified ad really caught my eye. It said, "Reporter that wants to make a difference." I must admit, it was quite refreshing to see.

     I currently work at the Warren Times Observer as a sports reporter. I travel to different locations in the area to cover local sporting events, high school sports mostly. I've been trying to break into actual news.

     A few weeks ago, I talked to one of our head news reporters about a great story idea I had. I told him about this elderly lady I know, who came up to me earlier that day. She told me that a city truck had backed into her parked car and did an estimated $4,000 dollars worth of damage to the front of her car. She told me that she contacted the people in charge, and they said that city truck drivers had "immunity" to such incidents. I figured, alright, well are they certified drivers?

     I figured this may be a story that could at least use some investigating. When I ran it by the head new reporter, however, he said, "I get too much money from the city to start sticking my nose in that business."

     Seriously? While this retired lady's insurance rates go up, the city isn't held the least bit accountable? The story idea fell through, even after I told them I would do the story myself. I asked him, "But isn't that what you became a journalist for? To expose everyday injustices such as these?" He just said, he has a wife and kids to support, etc... Which I suppose is valid, but in my mind, Edward R. Murrow would be flipping his lid. This story wasn't as big as the McCarthy scandal or anything, I just mean the spirit of investigative journalism in general.

     So, to re-emphasize what I said earlier, your classified title was a breath of fresh air.

     Attached is a copy of my resume, along with two feature articles that I've done recently. Your publication sounds like a great place to work, and the location sounds like a great place to live. If your skeptical about me coming from so far away, don't be. I will do whatever it takes to come in for an interview, I have been trying to relocate for sometime now, and I would jump at the opportunity to head west.

     Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




                                                                        Ian Ofslager

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Always on the Move [06 Jan 2009|08:22pm]

     I'm sitting here at the newspaper, waiting for coaches to call in the box scores to their games. While I'm waiting, I figured I would post a blog on here and let all of my fellow "beat hipsters" in on some startling revelations I've had today.
     Well, I don't know how startling they are, but revelations none the less.
     I was outside, smoking a cigarette about 45 minutes ago, when I realized something pretty significant. As I was standing in this frigid weather, puffing away, I thought about how nice it would be to be back down south again. In the warm air, with all my old friends. Then it occured to me. When I was actually living there, I couldn't wait to leave and move to Pittsburgh.
     There were plenty of times in Pittsburgh when I was ready to leave there too, but for the most part, I was content. It was another series of events that had me move from there.
     Now, as I was standing out there, in the freezing cold, I realized, I'm always trying to get out of whatever place that I'm in. When I move somewhere else, I start to miss the place that I was complaining about in the first place.
     I told this to a co-worker of mine afterwards, he told me, "Yeah, no one is ever happy. Life Stinks." Or something of that nature.
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[31 Dec 2008|09:22am]

Has anyone read this before? About Joan Vollmer's death.


Also, does anyone have any Beat inspired fanmixes lying around that they're willing to share with me?
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Isn't it strange? [25 Dec 2008|02:41am]

[ mood | cold ]

    It's quite strange if you ask me. Especially on a day like today, XMas. American's perception of things. The materialism, even though they don't see it, or at least don't admit it.
    And why not admit it? For the most part, material possessions really do make people feel good. At least for a little while.
    This is one of the first xmases in a long time, that I didn't really receive any thing, and that's ok. I've got too much on my mind, and those types of packages will just distract me from what I really desire.
    Travel. Experience. A new destination, out there, sitting there in a lone chair next to a reading lamp, looking at it's watch, wondering when? When will Ian get here?

    I plan on doing some traveling this spring. I'm heading out to Boulder, going to see an old friend out there. Then I was thinking about heading for the Cascades. I've got to check them out at least once. Man... I've read desolation angels a couple of times, and I can say it is easily one of my favorite books. But that isn't the only reason I'm heading that way.
    I have a few good friends that I know, from back when I was living in South Carolina, that went out there.They absolutely fell in love with it.

    Right now I'm living in this small town, Warren, PA. I followed some girl that I met in Pittsburgh up here. We were together for about a year total. After I moved up to Warren it only took three months for our relationship to dissipate. The frolicking stopped almost the moment I set my suitcase down.
    I guess what I'm trying to get at is, Over the summer, Warren really wasn't such a bad place to be. Nuzzled right in the heart of the Allegheny National forest, it was a really good place to be. Out in the woods, the peace, the quiet, the adventures. Meeting new people, watching people Bike, Kayak, etc... To quote the Kool-Aid man, "OH YEAH!"
    But the WINTERS! OH! The winters here. Frigid. Almost as frigid as the end of my relationship with the Warren girl. I used to live outside Buffalo growing up (A bit further north) and we got some snow up there, but I honestly believe it is colder here.

    Long story short, I can't wait for the winter to be over, and to let my new adventures finally bud and blossom.

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A Thanksgiving Prayer. [26 Nov 2008|12:40pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

"Happy" day, all. And thanks from me for being here. I have always loved the Beats and have a special interest in the women Beats. Catch you later.

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It's funny because it's true [20 Sep 2008|10:49am]

[ mood | bored ]

"When you're doing business with a religious son of a bitch, make sure you get it in writing. Their word doesn't mean shit, not with the good lord telling them how to fuck you on the deal." - William S. Burroughs

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59th chorus Mexico City Blues - Kerouac [19 Sep 2008|08:33pm]

[ mood | high ]

59th chorus

then i always manage to get
my weekly check on monday
pay my rent, get my laundry
out, always have enough
junk to last a coupla days

have to buy a couple needles
tomorrow, feels like
shovin a nail in me

just like shovin a nail in me
goddamn - cough -

for the first time in my life
i pinched the skin
and pushed the needle in
and the skin pinched together
and the needle stuck right out
and i shot in and out
goofed half my whole shot
on the floor-
took another one-
nothin a junkey likes better
than sittin quietly with a new shot
and knows tomorrow's plenty more

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criticism much appreciated...it needs a exit, something to tie it up. [06 Sep 2008|09:38am]

Delightful nauseating happiness, frusterated by uncertainty- miniature swerved road trips, jubilantly teasing Exhausted shins pulling away at your feat- calastrophobic cones, swirl filled ceilings and psychadellic dancers distracting your precious judgements. Emotional wrecked down waitresses, ignoring any request for "more"
Sweet souled micro adults, contemplating whats running through your mind. Tiny comfort filled toes, counting the numbers on each foot. Victory squared petals, angelic testosterone body - blessed dead battery conspiracies.
Newly found theories, experimentations, lacking the progessions of the body, but filled with curiosity. 
"DO IT" "DO IT" "DO IT" and the hyms are a-chanted, in sync and in paradoxes we speak of our speculated, agressive thoughts. Bonds, happy comparison bonding, fast pumping chemical beats splurging from your clown-fitted and borrowed penguin shoes, alive under the soles raging across the sand spotted ground. Tight fitted blue levis', fat-bellied bottoms sighing with the un-buttoned relief. surprised and satisfied soda filled cries.
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Howl excerpt [05 Sep 2008|10:52pm]

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Inspiration for the Beats [05 Sep 2008|10:39pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

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Just Because #2 [05 Jul 2008|02:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

The Subterraneans

So there we were at the Red Drum, a tableful of beers a few that is and all the gangs cutting in and out, paying a dollar quarter at the door, the little hip-pretending weasel there taking tickets, Paddy Cordavan floating in as prophesied (a big tall blond brakeman type subterranean from Eastern Washington cowboy-looking in jeans coming in to a wild generation party all smoky and mad and I yelled, "Paddy Cordavan?" and "Yeah?" and he'd come over)--all sitting together, interesting groups at various tables, Julien, Roxanne (a woman of 25 prophesying the future style of America with short almost crewcut but with curls black snaky hair, snaky walk, pale pale junky anemic face and we say junky when once Dostoevski would have said what? if not ascetic but saintly? but not in the least? but the cold pale booster face of the cold blue girl and wearing a man's white shirt but with the cuffs undone untied at the buttons so I remember her leaning over talking to someone after having been slinked across the floor with flowing propelled shoulders, bending to talk with her hand holding a short butt and the neat little flick she was giving to knock ashes but repeatedly with long long fingernails an inch long and also orient and snake-like)--groups of all kinds, and Ross Wallenstein, the crowd, and up on the stand Bird Parker with solemn eyes who'd been busted fairly recently and had now returned to a kind of bop dead Frisco but had just discovered or been told about the Red Drum, the great new generation gang wailing and gathering there, so here he was on the stand, examining them with his eyes as he blew his now-settled-down-into-regulated-design "crazy" notes--the booming drums, the high ceiling--Adam for my sake dutifully cutting out at about 11 o'clock so he could go to bed and get to work in the morning, after a brief cutout with Paddy and myself for a quick ten-cent beer at roaring Pantera's, where Paddy and I in our first talk and laughter together pulled wrists--now Mardou cut out with me, glee eyed, between sets, for quick beers, but at her insistence at the Mask instead where they were fifteen cents, but she had a few pennies herself and we went there and began earnestly talking and getting hightingled on the beer and now it was the beginning--returning to the Red Drum for sets, to hear Bird, whom I saw distinctly digging Mardou several times also myself directly into my eye looking to search if I was really the great writer I thought myself to be as if he knew my thoughts and ambitions or remembered me from other night clubs and other coasts, other Chicagos--not a challenging look but the king and founder of the bop generation at least the sound of it in digging his audience digging his eyes, the secret eyes him-watching, as he just pursed his lips and let great lungs and immortal fingers work, his eyes separate and interested and humane, the kindest jazz musician there could be while being and therefore naturally the greatest--watching Mardou and me in the infancy of our love and probably wondering why, or knowing it wouldn't last, or seeing who it was would be hurt, as now, obviously, but not quite yet, it was Mardou whose eyes were shining in my direction, though I could not have known and now do not definitely know--

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Just Because [05 Jul 2008|02:51am]

[ mood | amused ]

Quick Fix
by William S. Burroughs
To put the country simple, earth has a lot of things other folks might want...like the whole planet. And maybe these folks would like a few changes made. Like more carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, and room for their way of life. We've seen this happen before, right in these United States.

Your way of life destroyed the Indian's way of life.

The Indian reservation is extinction.

But I offer this distinction. I'm with the invaders, no use trying to hide that. And at the same, I disagree with some of the things they are doing.

Oh were not united anymore than you are

Oh we're not united anymore than you are.

Conservative factions is set on nuclear war as a solution to the Indian personality.

Others disagree

Others disagree

I don't claim that my methods are one hundred percent humane, but I do say, if we can't think of anything quieter, and tidier than that...

We are all not that much better than new earth aches.

There is no place else to go

The theater is closed

There is no place els to go

The theater is closed

Cut word lines

Cut music lines

Smash the control images

Smash the control machine.

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Warhol and the Beats [04 Jul 2008|12:55pm]

I'm finding that there seems to be some kind of a similarity between the Beat Generation and Warhol. Both were somewhat alike in the sense that they had a different 'outlook on life' compared to the norm. They bought a different enthusiasm which society couldn't and wouldn't handle. Being so much within 'society' means that true expression and the chance to develop your own take on life never takes place. 'Society' forces everyone to adhere to everybody else, to be 'normal', and then claims this as 'freedom' and tells us of 'diversity' which exists in our society. The Beat Genration and Warhol existed quite seperate from society; allowing them to develop and nurture ideas and live in 'harmony'—in the sense that they could hold their own perspectives and ideas without the ideals and niceties of life being forced onto them by 'society'. You would say that the Beat Generation existed within the framework of society—a lot of what they did was together and within the boundaries of the 'norms' set by 'society'. But when explored, you discover they didn't. They partied and socialised not primarily for partying's sake, but to share and explore ideas, and look for new experiences by being with other people. Because they were very much aware of the aforementioned things, their whole intention was different, they were very much outside of 'society'. I guess this is also true in Warhol's case. You see, I don't think that the other people within Warhol's group had the same outlook or even the same ideas as Warhol himself, and I also think that the people around Warhol probably garnered an idea about him and what he was and what he was doing, but I somehow think they didn't really know him. Warhol somehow seems that he was very much his own, and no-one really understood him, and so he played along to peoples perceptions of whatever they thought of him.
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